Age of Group: 4-6 years old

Course Description:
Sports are an excellent outlet for children to release energy while growing both physically and mentally.  Starting this October, Brianna Fischer and Anna Sonntag are offering a sports and games course at Bambinim, taught in German and English. They will bring the kids into motion through circle games and dances, active sports and body awareness exercises. It is important to them that the kids have fun with movement. The children will get the chance to try new things and find out about their personal sporting skills while learning teamwork and sportsmanship. The course includes opportunities for kids to play and to implement their own creative ideas.

Course Goals:
- To get the children active and moving
- Develop teamwork and positive social interactions
- Increase confidence and self-esteem
- Discover different ways to move their bodies
- Cultivate logical and problem-solving skills
-To have fun!